About Photo by Bridget

Thank you for stopping by my web site, I hope you will enjoy my Photo's as much as I do creating them.

Being a portrait photographer doesn't mean that I don't enjoy and take on  other kinds of Photography jobs, nature, animal Portraits,  street photography, are some of the other things I enjoy, as you will hopefully discover browsing through my portfolio.

Just to mention a few shootings randomly:
Big Boat Race, Denmark. Covered in the magazine "Min Baad"
Thornton Chocolate Prague, Marketing
Washington University, Photo's used in theater teaching
Rotary Prague - event meeting
Rotary Dragon Boat Race
Horse Race
Dog shows
And off course head shots and portraits for corporate or private use

My Photography can be purchased on print, in different formats by following the below link, if you see a piece on this website, that is not on the below, please just shoot me an e-mail, and I will upload it for you.

Harry Alpert
Digital 3D Consultant, 3D Stereographer, Director of Photography, VFX Cameraman, Development Executive, Writer

Bridget provides the most absolutely stunning work in every capacity. It's always a pleasure to have on our team.

April 18, 2014, Harry was Bridget's client